The Church is not an institution, but a Body, a communion of persons. At St. Ambrose, this reality is reflected in the way we approach the stewardship of the Lord's life and love. In communion with Bishop Burbidge, Pope Francis and the rest of the Universal Church, we are called to lead, manage and make prayerful decisions for the good of all.

Parish Registration

It is very important to register your family at the parish.  Registration cards are available in the vestibule of the Church and at the Parish office.  You can also download a form by clicking HERE.There are several reasons why this is beneficial.  If you live within our parish boundaries, St. Ambrose is responsible for your sacramental life.  If you are unable to attend Mass on Sunday due to illness, we can add you to our homebound list and a Priest or Eucharistic Minister can bring you Holy Communion.  In addition, without being officially registered, it is difficult for the parish and the Pastor to verify that you are a practicing member of the parish, should you ever need a sponsor certificate of eligibility to be a Godparent or sponsor.  Moreover, many find it helpful for the parish to provide information on donations for tax purposes.

If you are not sure if you reside in the parish boundaries, the staff will be able to assist you in determining your designated parish according to Diocesan Boundary guidelines. We’d love to hear from you! 

Please call the Parish Office at (703) 280-4400.