Adult Faith Formation

Sunday Mornings:
Jesus, Mary, and a cup of Jo'

Sundays At 8:45am In The School Gym
Join us for Jesus, Mary, And A Cup Of Joe each Sunday at 8:45am-9:45am. This group meets as a way to learn more about our faith while building our community.  Please join us! All are welcome. There is no problem if you can only come once in a while. Make "deepening your faith and relationship with Christ and His Church" one of your New Year's Resolutions.  

 Call Nicole Filipowski at (703) 280-1122



Lightworks "Lectio Divina" Meetings

In recognizing the thirst of many for a deep sense of spirituality based on a more intimate relationship with Christ, Lightworks is aimed to bring about this experience in a communitarian atmosphere.  The program will meet for 14 straight weeks, in which the participants will share the fruit of their reflection in a friendly setting of small groups of 8 people.  There will be printed materials to give guidance for the participants to reflect on passages of Scripture.  The overall direction of the 14 weeks of reflection is to attain the love of God in a personal level, and with this direction, a participant will journey through experiences on the Incarnation, the Passion and the Resurrection.  The next 14 week session will begin soon.  For any questions please contact: Tien Dao at: or 703-963-1075

                                                                                      Meeting times:  Thursdays, 6:30-9pm


The pursuit of a relationship with Jesus is a life-long work of grace and perseverance. As St. Ambrose himself once wrote,"every age is mature for Christ!" (De Virginitate, 40).

Adults are encouraged to seek the companionship of parish friends who follow Christ through the life of his universal Church, and often pursue these timeless practices:
Daily readings
The Rosary
Continuing education